There are two entirely different treatments using conscious hypnosis.

Is used for problems such as smoking, slimming, nail biting, relaxation, pre-test nerves, confidence boosting etc.

These generally require only one or two sessions and sometimes a booster later on.

Is used to discover the causes of psychological problems.

The object of psychotherapy is to bring you to conscious hypno-analysis; surprising and liberating enlightenment that can release what has been underlying in the sub conscious.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a way helping to manage your problems by changing the way you think

  1. Smoking
  2. Weight Problems
  3. Nail Biting
  4. Blushing
  5. Stress
  6. Obsessions
  7. Fear Of Flying
  8. Relaxation
  9. Guilt
  10. Speech Problems
  11. Pre-Exam Nerves
  12. Phobias And Fears
  13. Compulsions
  14. Relationship Problems
  15. Low Self-Esteem
  16. Sports Motivation

The state of hypnosis is a natural phenomenon, which is very pleasant and relaxing. There is no question of being "out of control", in fact, in hypnosis, a person is more aware and focused than usual. A definition of hypnosis is: "A state of relaxation and heightened concentration induced by suggestions." It is in this pleasant, relaxed state that a person can make those changes to their lives that they have 'consciously' decided to make. Your therapist will use his voice to guide you into this hypnotic relaxation. There is as such no 'hypnotised feeling', however, you will probably experience a feeling of well-being, at one with a feeling of mental and physical relaxation, during which your memory may well be enhanced.



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